A cheap flights guide to Accra

Accra has some fascinating and impressive places to explore for those who are interested in the city’s history. On its famous beaches, music events take place on a daily basis. Ghana’s colorful seaside capital, Accra, is located in the exceptional dry area known as Dahomey Gap. The months between April and July is the time of majority rainfall, with the other shorter rainy season, October. The northern hemisphere winter is the best time to visit as it is less humid.

Accra is a site of Kotoka International Airport that associates with many airlines including ASKY Airlines, KLM, TAP Air Portugal Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, Brussels Airlines, Turkish Airlines, JetBlue Airways, and All Nippon Airways. Some people wish to save money on tickets and spend while exploring the destination. These airlines offer the travelers with different flights’ schedule and cheap deals to Accra.

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London to Harare Flights this is For You?


Every airline has low flight rates on some specific days like Tuesday is the reasonable day to fly to Harare from London. From Johannesburg to Harare, people can experience the cheap flight to Harare rate of $450 on a non-stop direct flight. Many airlines offer special deals to Zimbabweans on returning to their home country in holiday seasons.

You can also follow some useful tips to get cheap flight rates to Harare. According to travel estimates, January is the best time to beat the crowd and spend less money. Purchase the holiday tickets to Harare in advance. Choose evening flights over morning as the morning departures are much more expensive. Also, book your ticket one week before the takeoff to get the below-average price.

Harare possesses rich history, magnificent nature, and fascinating wildlife which increases the tourism and every airline contributes to making the traveling memorable by providing different offers. 

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8 things you must try on your first visit to Harare

Every person who leads an active life and works five days a week needs some time to rest and enjoy life to freshen up for the routine life that is full of stress. The best way to relax and freshen up for your busy routine is to travel to some other country on an adventurous trip where you can explore the natural beauty of nature, see parks and wild life and shop as much as you like. If you have been looking for a chance to visit some African country where you could enjoy your trip and relax, the best place to plan a visit to is Harare, Zimbabwe. There are several amazing things in Zimbabwe that cannot be found anywhere else across the globe. If you like to explore an African country the best country to visit is Harare.

  1. Visit Lake Chivero and enjoy skiing.

Formerly called Lake Mcllwaine is Lake Chivero which is one of the main attractions of Harare the capital city of Zimbabwe. If you know how to ski and like doing it you must visit Lake Chivero, Harare. The lake Chivero is situated at southwest side of Harare and provides the main water supply for Harare. It took two and a half years to build the lake, the wall of its dam is 400 meters long. The water of Lake Chivero is also used for commercial fishing as well as irrigation purposes. The fish that is found in the lake include grass carp and tiger- fish, Black-bream and Yellow-fish.

  1. Don’t forget to visit wild is life

All the tourists who have a love for animals and likes to see the animals roam about openly in a park a visit to wild is life is a must. The visitors who visit the park wild is life get a chance to have a closer look at the beautiful creatures of God. They dare to face the wild a ferocious animals like Cheetahs, monkeys, kudus, pangolins, lions and giraffes  throughout the time you spend in exploration in the sanctuary. The place is very famous for rehabilitation and protection of orphaned and rescued animals. It is the second out of 8 things you must try on your first visit to Harare.

  1. For the big eaters a visit to Butcher’s Kitchen is a must

For all those who don’t like eating vegetables The Butcher’s Kitchen is a blessing as it has a variety of meat recipes to try. There are a lot of sumptuous recipes offered at the Butcher’s Kitchen in Sam Levis Village. The tourists will love the long list of meat recipes to choose from. The expert chefs are trained to serve you with perfection.

  1. Thetford game reserve

If you really want to enjoy your trip to Harare you can plan a guided trip to Thetford Game Reserve, which is a 40 minutes’ drive from Harare. This game reserve is located in a valley called Mazowe valley that gives you a chance to explore a variety of wildlife and a variety of bird species.

5.Enjoy horseback riding at Mukuvisi Woodland

Mukuvisi Woodland is a very beautiful location that is located just 30 minutes’ drive outside     the city of Harare. You can enjoy various walks in the lush green park and get a chance to encounter interesting animals like elephants, rhinos and giraffes. The tourists who like riding should not miss the chance of a long visit to Mukuvisi woodland as it has vast lush green place for your joy of riding a horseback. It is one of the 8 things you must try on your first visit to Harare.

6.The shoppers’ paradise called Sam Levy’s Village

Among the 8 things you must try on your first visit to Harare is one place that can be called a shoppers or diners spot. If you belong to that groups of people who live to shop, Sam Levy’s Village is the best place to visit. It is not only a shopping hub it has many other things that include dining areas, restaurants, night clubs and many other shops where everything is available for the shoppers to purchase whatever they like. There are thousands of people who like to spend their nights drinking and dancing, and in the city of Harare there is no other place more suitable for such people than the night clubs in Sam Levy’s Village. It is a market or a shopping mall that is designed in a way that it depicts a European village that has paved paths for good walks. The shopping stores have everything that a tourist might want to buy.

7.The amazing sculpture park

The people who visit Harare for recreational purposes should definitely plan a trip to Chapungu Sculpture Park that covers the area of 20 acres of land. It is located on the suburban areas of the City of Harare. It is the best place that promotes the art of stone sculpture of the country we call Zimbabwe. The sculpture park is famous across the globe and the tourists that visit the place include many artists who are interested in the art of sculpting.

8.The Darwendale Dam is a must visit

You can enjoy your vacation to Harare if you go the right places that serve the recreational purposes the best. You should visit the utterly beautiful scenes of nature here you can relax to your contentment or sit back quietly and do fishing. The dam contains a fish known as bass and can savor its taste.it is the finest fishing spot that is located almost 70 kilometers outside of the city of Harare. The largemouth bass fish can be caught by an expert in fishing, this fish weights more than 8kg.

If you really want to explore the beautiful city of Harare the first step that you should take is to arrange for an affordable flight to Zimbabwe, Harare. Before booking a flight you should first compare the prices of different airlines so that you could make a fair deal.

cheap flights to Harare – Flightspedia

egypt-flightspediaNo matter if you are planning to visit Harare for a business meeting or you want to see the attractive destinations of the City famous for its lush green parks ,wildlife and sculptures,the first thing that will automatically come into your mind is to look for cheap flights to HarareTo visit the Rutherford game reserve you will have to go to Harare. Thousands of people love animals and want to have a closer look at the ferocious animals that are kept in cages in most of the countries. They want to feel the thrill and excitement of looking at the most dangerous animals roaming about in open areas like Wild is Life. For all those tourists who have a passion for riding in places that are closer to nature the best place to visit is Mukuvisi Woodlands.

There are some things that the people from London should keep in mind when they visit Harare, when you go for outing to safari parks or museums in Harare you should first find out about the timings when these places are open for the visitors. You should take water and hats with you as for people living in countries with cold weather, the tropical climate of Harare might feel hot.

How a Reliable Service Provider Can Make Your UK Fiancé Visa Process A Lot Easier

After the amendments to the fiancé visa Immigration Rules on 9 July 2012, all the new applications must follow these changes for seeking approval. You can file an application to get a fiancé visa UK to the British Embassy, High Commission or Consulate. You can do this with a view to obtaining entry clearance to join your fiancé living in the UK.

The applicant should fulfill the requirements mentioned in the Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules in order to qualify for the fiancé visa. This particular visa is granted for a period of six months so that the visa holder may get married in the UK. After such a marriage is registered in the UK during this limitation period, you may apply for further leave to remain in the UK based on this marriage.

In case of a refusal, you can use your right to file an appeal against this refusal of the Entry Clearance Officer (ECO). The relevant notice of appeal should be submitted within a period not exceeding 28 days after receiving a refusal letter.

Reliable service providers like immigration solicitors have relevant expertise in handling fiancé visa UK application. This is so as the quality their services are quite higher than various other service providers like immigration consultants or advisors. Following are the reasons, as to why you should engage an immigration lawyer while dealing with your fiancé visa matters.

Collection of Required Documents

A qualified immigration solicitor will provide you with an authentic advice related to the collection of all the necessary documents for fiancé visa application. This allows you to file a complete application without any error or omission regarding the provision of required documentary evidence.

Guide You about the Fiancé Visa Application

By engaging a professional immigration lawyer, you may get all the necessary information about the application process. Such a service provider will guide you about the strengths and weakness of your particular fiancé visa application. Besides, you will receive detailed instructions about the UK immigration laws and the things, which an Entry Clearance Officer (ECO) will take into consideration while processing your application.

Prepare Sponsorship Declaration and Covering Letter

The most difficult task in this regard is to prepare a sponsorship declaration that shows, as to why your sponsor is assisting you to avail an entry clearance for the UK. In addition, a covering letter is also produced by the immigration lawyers to show that why you are coming to the UK and who will support your stay in the UK.

Liaising with the Entry Clearance Officer

If necessary, a trained and professional immigration solicitor may liaise with the Entry Clearance Officer with a view to expedite the fiancé visa application. Such a service provider will protect the interests of their client in any given circumstances. You will get essential updates regarding the actual status of your application. This means that all the follow-up work will be the responsibility of your immigration lawyer. Apart from this, you will be informed of the proposed implications of the decision passed by the Entry Clarence Officer. More Information please click this link for your help/


There are millions of people across the globe who like tourism and their aim in life is to explore each and every place that God has created and admire the beauty of this world. A few decades back people used to get afraid when anybody talked about tour of Africa and due to this attitude of some people a misconception was built that Africa is a scary continent. Today, after going through the testimonies of the tourists people have got t0o know that Africa is as beautiful as any other part of the world. There are two African countries that tourists like to visit most, one is Nigeria and the other one is Ghana. The following is some of the basic information about both the places that would provide the tourists with some guidance about the two countries.


Ghana: In Ghana, at the occasions like Christmas or new year it is really hard to find a booking in a famous restaurant like Starbites, and even if you are fortunate enough to find one you might have to wait for hours till your order is served. The people of Ghana love to eat hot and spicy food, so, if you want to visit Ghana and you have stomach issues then you might have to stay away from the too spicy food in order to stay healthy.

On the other hand the food that is like by the people of Nigeria is much more nutritious and scrumptious as compared to the Ghanaian food. Just the right amount of spices are used in Nigeria and there are less chances of a tourist getting sick due to over use of spices.


There is a lot of difference between the people of Ghana and the Nigerians. The people of Accra Ghana Flights are very cooling minded and there is no emotional drama even at the special occasions. The people are friendly and are always ready to help you.

When it comes to the people of Nigeria in Flights to Accra, they seem to be too busy to care about the others. So if you have plans to go to Nigeria it would be better to plan ahead of time and book your meetings with friends and family.


Nightlife in Ghana is very enjoyable and people can freely enjoy and dance through the night without any disturbance. If you are going to visit the city of Accra then you should taste the night life of Sandbox and Bosporus.

The night life of Nigeria is equally enjoyable in Nigeria as it is in Ghana. According to some of the tourists if you happen to be in Africa the best place to enjoy night life is Lagos Nigeria. Get a closer look at Nigerian nightlife by visiting Cove and Velvet.


Using the uber services in Ghana is not a good thing as most of your hard earned money will be vanished if you pay those cash so if you are in Ghana try to pay them by card and not by cash. Many people lose their belongings in the public transports.

In Nigeria the use of uber is much safer and enjoyable and usually no trip costs you more than 6 $.

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Things to Remember While Submitting UK Tier 2 Visa Applications by the Dependents

If you are the dependent of a visa holder in the UK, you can also file a Tier 2 visa application and seek entry clearance to the UK. The dependents may submit such an application along with the application of principal applicant if he/she is applying from outside the UK. The things that a dependent must keep in mind are discussed as under for assistance.

Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility requirements for this visa category are mentioned below

  • First and foremost requirement is possession of a valid passport and visa
  • The person applying should fall under the definition of a dependent, which includes a spouse, partner, a child under or over 18 years of age. Only a valid and genuine dependent is eligible to obtain a tier 2 dependent visa
  • In addition, the Tier 2 general visa holder or a primary applicant must have a valid Certificate of Sponsorship
  • Must fulfill other relevant criteria, devised for Tier 2 Dependent visa

The passport possessed by both the applicants should be valid and must have a validity period more than 6 months beyond the duration of stay. The passport must have a vacant page, which is required by the UKVI for pasting the relevant visa.

Application Form

The application form should be completed and submitted by each dependent separately. In addition, it is also required to provide a copy of these forms. Apart from the paper application, you can also utilize the services of online application portal, which works under the control of the Consulate of the United Kingdom. The application form can only be filled and submitted after paying the required visa fee. This is a simple to fill form and what you have to do is to follow the instructions.

Documents to be attached

  • A birth certificate or marriage certificate should be attached to the application form. It is essential to prove the actual relationship between the dependent and primary applicant
  • A copy of Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) should also be furnished by the sponsor. It is necessary, as it unleashes all the required information associated with the sponsor i.e.  personal and job details
  • The documents which are in a language other than English needed to be translated. The applicant must provide certified translations of all these documents.

Things You Should Know

Once you have completed the online visa application, getting an appointment for submitting your biometric information is the next step. The applicant may show some patience as it takes a while to schedule an appointment. The most important thing to remember is that you should bring your passport and receipt at the time of appearing for biometric information.

Biometric Information

During the process of bio-metric information, a digital photograph of the applicant is taken. In addition, all the fingers of such an applicant are scanned for obtaining the impressions. Even the bio-metric information of minors who are under 5 years is also obtained. Once you have undergone your bio-metric session, you can file the tier 2 visa application after 24 to 36 hours.

Cheap Flights to Accra – FlightsPedia.com

Getting Flights to Accra is not very difficult because it is the popular destination of the majority. Kotoka International Airport is the gateway of the Greater Accra in Ghana. It is located in the West Africa. It contains the capacity of the large aircrafts like Boeing 747-8. The airport serves numerous flights on the daily basis. Start your vacations from visiting Emina Castle that is known as the wonderland. Include Cape Coast Castle in your Accra trip to visit. The national Museum of Ghana, Busua, Manhyia Palace, Brazil House and many more are the real attractions for the tourists.

Offering the wonderful music activity the city of Ghana is the incredible place for your tourism. Explore the nightlife here by enjoying the music here. Enjoying the intricate rhythm of the drum and the beautiful music by dancing on the sand enhances the glamour of your cold night on the coastal area. It is the real attraction of the city. The other innovative factor of the city is the budget friendly behavior of the economy. It will make your stay memorable with the help of the luxurious hotels and the beautiful night activities. The modern city is the name of the socialism.

There are many airlines that are offering cheap flights to Accra but it is very difficult to choose the right one. It is their needs that they accept to give environment in which clients don’t hesitate to avail their services and get the chance to serve them with the best quality administrations.

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How EEA Nationals and their Family Member May Obtain a British Citizenship

EEA Immigration Solicitors


Anyone is eligible to obtain a Certificate of Permanent Residence, which is also referred as the “Settlement” if he/she is either an EEA National or the family member of an EEA National. With a view to applying for this certificate, the applicants must prove that during their stay in the UK they have been exercising the treaty rights in the UK and for not less than a period of 5 years (continuous). For more information, you may contact a well-reputed law firm, which offers the services of dedicated EEA immigration solicitors.

What is a Certificate of Permanent Residency?

This is a document, which plays a vital role while obtaining the status of a British citizen or gaining naturalization status. The permanent residence, on the other hand, can be obtained by just living in the UK for 5 years and exercising the treaty rights being a ‘Qualified Person.’ Therefore, it is not necessary to apply for a Permanent Residence in prevailing circumstances but if you are planning to apply for the Naturalization as a British citizen, it is necessary to obtain a Certificate of Permanent Residency. You can seek assistance in this regard from one of the qualified EEA immigration solicitors.

Basic Requirements

  • The EEA National should have been living in the UK as a qualified person and exercising the treaty rights for a period not less than 5 years
  • The partner of an EEA National should have a valid proof that his/her relationship with an EEA partner will sustain for a longer time
  • In order to qualify for a Certificate of Permanent Residence, there is no need to pass the Knowledge of Language and Life in the UK test. Nevertheless, you are bound to fulfill this criterion while applying to become Naturalized as a British citizen


  • The only way to file an EEA application is through the post. It is not possible to apply by using same-day premium service at the Public Enquiry Office
  • The minimum processing charges are £65
  • The processing time regarding this application is 6 months or more

Family Members of an EEA National

Even the family members of an EEA national who are Non-EEA National, can obtain Residence Card. They may apply for the PR if they have been living in the United Kingdom for not less than 5 years continuously. Permanent Residence can be awarded if the relationship of a Non-EEA national with his/her EEA partner is still intact and will continue to remain so for a considerable time. In addition, both the partners should have maintained the status of a qualified person during their stay in the UK for a prescribed period, which is 5 years.

Who May Assist you?

If you fall under the above-mentioned criteria for the permanent residence and British Citizenship, it would be appropriate to seek assistance from EEA immigration solicitors serving in your area. This would help you to get your application assessed in a professional way prior to submitting it. Apart from this, you may further receive essential information regarding the filing of such an application and general requirements.

What Makes the Difference?

free immigration advice

Normally people don’t consider it necessary to contact a legal advisory prior to filing a UK visa application. This is so, as most of us do think that we only need an immigration lawyer when our application is refused or when we are having difficulty in exercising our rights in the UK. This is not the right perception, as filing the visa application in correct manner may serve as the right step, which leads you to the approval of your visa application.

If you think that obtaining the legal advice regarding your immigration is an expensive affair, you are badly mistaken. In reality, there are numerous law firms operating in the UK, which offer free Immigration advice to assist you at the initial stage of your visa application or any other immigration matter. These lawyers are experienced and provide most relevant immigration advice by applying the latest approach to your immigration issues. Getting help from immigration solicitors makes a huge difference in the following ways.

  • Even if you can’t afford to hire the services of an immigration lawyer, you can still get some advice and make an appropriate application
  • You can seek advice no matter what type of immigration issue is faced by you. It means that you can easily contact an immigration law firm if your visa application relates to following categories.